Apr 8, 2014

My recent journey...

Part 1
Europe ... It had been a lovely country that many want to be there same goes to me... But as the exchange rate are high compared to other countries, it will be the last vacation destination. But thank God that my work are able to bring me there... And I also got a chance to go Russia! It's a beautiful country and a lot of things to see. 

I would like to put it up the photos that I had captured during my trip there in Switzerland ( boarder of Germany) Germany and Russia as well as the nice food that I had ate during my journey. It is a nice memory for future to review. 

Nov 24, 2013

Paris experience

Paris... Such a lovely city to many of people. A city that full of culture and history... No doubt many tourist preferred spot. I had my chance to visit this wonderful lovely city again. At least this round I cover some other location that I had missed out last round. The different this time is I use most of their subway system. 
If you are visiting the city and having a smart phone with you. Try to download this apps Paris Metro and make sure you download the map. It does cover the city metro system and you can actually use it as a guided map to get yourself into any tourist spot in the city using the metro guide. And it does tell you how long the duration of the ride and how long you get to walk. Moving around with this apps really helps. Oh one more thing... It does tell you how much u need to pay as well :) but if you are on day pass or multiple day pass, you can ignore the fare recommendation. Day pass does help you to explore n get to everywhere in Paris. It took you from zone 1 to zone 5 and by just using your day pass ticket. 
A caution is that your ticket is very small tiny paper, it's easily lost if you are not careful. 

The subway system in Paris does have the restrain bar but it's not fool prove system as there r still teenager that just hop over without providing the ticket and there r no authority to stop them nor really take any action. Maybe it's just their culture if freedom. :) 
If you are hopping on and off on subway one can easily see each subway station had different design on their wall. It does represent some tourist spot above the station. With that you can easily identify and hop off that station. 

Paris subway is a bit dirty as compared to Munich subway. But as a whole they are still barable. 

Nov 20, 2013


It had been quite a number of years since I last came to Europe. Europe was such a nice place to many people... The rich culture as well as the weather. In my mind they always been a nice place to visit. No doubt and they still a good choice for vacation. 

This time round, I had the chance to visit Munich, Germany. I spend quite a while in Munich for a tradeshow and a nice city to be in. The first thing on my list of experience was their subway system. From airport to the specific location of my hotel they are well connected on the subway map. Fine :) easy I can do it. But unfortunately that day the subway was having maintainance, and they uses only German in announcement. Which I had no choice to keep following the map but by the time I saw the next station, it was way over the location. So... Just hop off the subway, and go they other side and hop on to the reverse direction. This time , I try to jump off right at the station before the one I need to get off. And it works! By using the subway map, I hop onto another route and get off and back on to the intended route to the hotel! Yes. And all went on smoothly. 

The good part of the subway was they are really very clean. And it also very on time! Germans! Other than that, they well maintain their old system which look very classic! One more thing, the entire subway system are base on trust! You are suppose to buy ticket and walk in. There are to restrain bar/ gate that check your ticket. One can forgot to buy ticket and travel a few station! I got my day pass which helps a lot. As a stranger to the city, it's best to get that! You can forget about the place you want to go and just hop on the subway and let it carry you to the next station or any station you need to go. In Munich, buy the zone 1 day pass. If you plan to stay long, you can get a few days day pass. The thing I like about their ticket course was it gives you language to select and they also have Event pass which u get to the event from your location and a fix price throughout the event period. Cool huh? 

Compare to other countries, Munich seem to have a very clean subway! Even their subway stations!  Will write more on Paris subway in my next post. But Munich had a good impression for me. Even last time when I was at Erfurt, they subway was good as well. Or the train system. Germans really good at taking care of the public property! 

Aug 22, 2013

Interesting update

It had been so long since I last update... Should be too busy with work as well as parenting 2 kids....
Just a quick update as they r growing up...

As you can see I survived taking care of both of them when my beloved wife not around ... Life had been so fun with screaming yelling as well as threatening them to sleep :) 

:) have fun and enjoy life parenting

Nov 16, 2012

A letter to my son

My Dear Clement,
This will be the first letter I write to you. Ever since you came into this world 3 years ago, your mom and I had been enjoying your present with us. And this year mark the 3 year you are with us and since you could understand our conversation I think I should start to write to you. Or at least document down something ;)

You had been a superb son and how much we love being with you. You are progressing well and we wish that you can continue the good work and continue be yourself and what God had intend you to be. There are many instances you show the good character that surprises me and mom, we really want you to continue to shine base on the good character quality.
Also you show love to your little sister. We were so worried about you when your little sister were here in this world. But you had accepted her well and you too adapt well with her. I still remember seeing you first few weeks loving her caring for her, even in the middle of the night when you were sound asleep but you hear her cry and you jump out of your bed and went over to pat her telling her you were there and ask her not to cry. Also many times you explain to others about why your sister cry (many times due to teething ) but that really release alot of our worry about you. You seem taking up big brother role quite well.

Ever since little sister were here we enroll you to a nursery ( day care) at first you think going to school was cool buy the moment you step into school your separation anxiety kicks in and you cried not wanting us to go. The first 2 weeks was terrible and it crash our heart seeing you cry till you vomit... Frankly we were almost giving up but you show alot of improvement. When por por accompany you to school, you seem ok and adapt well. So it makes por por so boring over at your school... Now you were so eager to get to school and every morning you keep asking today got school or not! waking up an getting to toilet had been a fast motivation all because of going to school. You teachers give good report of you and even sign u up for their year end concert! It was first for us to attend and we really enjoy your show at the concert.

You grow up so fast and it feel like yesterday I hold you in the labor room in the middle of the night. And seeing the nurse clearing your lung liquid as well as cleaning you up. You didn't really cry when they did all the injection only 1 or 2 sound then keep quiet. And you only cry when you were hungry... Your present were wonderful.

Now you r a very active boy. Very expressive , I pray that you will continue and grow to be a better person each day. While keep up the good work and never give up on things that is right and be determine to achieve it. Not forgetting God is in everything of your daily life, continue to serve Him.