Oct 21, 2008

Strong Willed Child 4

Ok.... back to the book....
Now are are at the following ages...

Eight to Fourteen Months (4-14months)
In the age of time, many children will begin to test the authority of their parents during the second seven-month period. The confrontations will be minor and infrequent before the first birthday, yet the beginning of future struggles can be seen.

How does a parent discipline a one year old? The answer is VERY CAREFULLY and GENTLY! A child at this age is extremely easy to distract and divert. Rather than jerking a china cup from his hands, show him a brightly colored alternative. And then be prepared to catch the cup when it falls. When unavoidable confrontations do occur, win them by FIRM PERSISTENCE but not by punishment. Again, don’t be afraid of the child’s tears, which can be potent weapon to avoid naptime or bedtime or diapertime. Have the courage to lead the child without being harsh or mean or gruff.

Compared to the months that are to follow, the period around one year of age is usually a tranquil, smooth-functioning time in a child’s life.

Fifteen to Twenty-four Months (15 to 24months)
It has been said that all human being can be classified into two broad categories: Those who would vote “yes” to the various propositions of life, and those who would be incline to vote “no”. For a toddler around the world would cast the NO vote to anything. It is easy to see why this period of life has been called “the first adolescence,” because of the negativism, conflict, and defiance of the age.

Dr Dobson did recommend to read this book title “Toddlers and Parents” by De. T. Berry Brazelton, to understand further this fascinating and challenging age of Two. Which in the book it was called the “terrible twos”. Dr Dobson did quote the book character name Greg. (do read the book for further info)

Handling little toddler at this age can be struggling but there is no more thrilling time of life than this period of dynamic blossoming and unfolding. New words are being learned daily, and the cute verbal expressions of that age will be remembered for a half century. It is a time of excitement over fairy stories and Santa Claus and furry puppy dogs. And most important, precious time of loving and warmth that will scurry by all too quickly. There are millions of older parents today with grown children who would give all they possess to relive those bubbly days with their toddlers.

Dr Dobson make some disciplinary recommendations which he hopes does help. In term of the negativism of the turbulent period is both normal and healthy, and nothing will make an eighteen-month-old child act like a five-year-old.

First, and for obvious reasons, it is extremely important for fathers to help discipline and participate in the parenting process when possible. Children need their fathers and respond to their masculine manner, but wives need their husbands too. This is especially true of house-wives who have done combat duty through the long day and find themselves in a state of battle fatigue by nightfall. Husbands get tired too, of course, but if they can hold together long enough to help get the little tigers in bed, nothing could contribute more to the stability of their homes. Raising up the toddler is a difficult assignment on the face of the earth. Husbands who recognize this fact can help their wives feel understood, loved and supported in the vital jobs they are doing!

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