Mar 10, 2009

Normal day at CG (Day 2)

Aiya.. sorry sorry last night attended CG and because it started late.. got home almost 11pm already... straight head to shower and bed....
FYI... CG = Cell Group or some said Care Group...
If you want to know more, do msg me.. and i can explain more :)

Last night 2 of the youngest member were in and you know, there were talking among themselves. It leave the parents clueless on what they were talking about... Grace and Caris. I do have Caris picture.. but too bad i can't find my cables to load it from my phone. (can't find my Mini SD connector as well :( )

Anyway... it remind me of the Baby Genius movie... hahaha the baby were using an unknown language to the adult.. and they are really cute and smart :)

Okie dokie... i will be back! will need to keep up :)
17 days to Earth Hour! :)
Vote Earth!

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