Mar 16, 2009

Movie Review (Day 7)

Today went to watch DrangonBall evolution...
OK... better set the expectation correct...
I grow up with Drangonball comic. I got the 1st till the end of the comic..
So.. from small cute Go-Ku to the Adult Go-ku and the "ghost" Go-Ku... but this movie did not meet my expectation.... and the Master Roshi not really reflect the Master Roshi in the comic... Piccola ...ok lar :) still can take it....

Go-Ku (Justin Chatwin)
Bulma (Emmy Rossum)
Yamcha (Joon Park)
Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat)
Lord Piccolo (James Marsters)
Mai (Eriko Tamura)
Chi-Chi (Jamie Chung)
Grandpa Go-Han (Randall Duk Kim)

I would rank this movie 6/10
The total time for this movie: ~1hr30mins

you can get more info at here
Oh ya.... this is a PG13 movie.. kids if you are younger than that... please get ur parents to watch with you :)


12 days to Earth Hour!!
Remember what you need to do ya! :)

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