Nov 3, 2009

100 ways to Praise a Child...

Hey this is fun... loving your child is not just buying things for them... sometimes as a parent or daddy... they are looking for acceptance... as well as praises from you to them...
So below are the 100 ways of doing that! :)

Hey, I love you! * Way to go * You're special * Outstanding * Excellent You are fun * You're a real trooper * You're on target * Outstanding performance * Great * Looking good * You brighten my day ☺ Good Well done ♥ Remarkable * Super * I knew you could do it * Nice work What an imagination * I'm proud of you ♪ Super star * Fantastic
You're on top of it *You're catching on * Now you've got it * How smart Good job * You are the clever one * You are just delightful *
That's incredible * Remarkable job * You're Beautiful ♥ You're a winner You make me happy * Dynamite * Hip, Hip Hooray * You're important Magnificent ◦Beautiful * Super job♪You're the best ☺ You're on your way How nice * You're Spectacular * You are a Darling * Beautiful work Good for you ● Nothing can stop you now * You're fantastic * Wow You're a legend ♥ Great Discovery ♦ You've discovered the secret Fantastic job ●You're a champion * Awesome * You're precious Marvellous * You are responsible * Terrific * You are exciting *
You're growing up * You tried hard ♥ Neat * You figured it out ♫♪♫
You're unique * What a good listener * You're a treasure * Super work You mean a lot to me * You're a good friend * You deserve a big hug You are an absolute gem*You're incredible♥I like you♥ Now you're flying I respect you *You're sensational ♪ Phenomenal*Hooray for you*You care Creative job * You belong * You made my day * You are nice to be with You mean the world to me * You're important * You've got a friend
You're a joy * You make me laugh ● You're A-OK * You're my buddy
I trust you ☺ You're perfect * Bravo * You're wonderful ☺ A big kiss ♥ Exceptional performance ♫ That's correct *

Did you go and count?? anyway.. remember a HUG is worth 1000 words ! :)

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