Jan 6, 2010

No plastic beg dayS

To response to Green enviroment Penang govt had declare Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to be no plastic beg day! Good :) this means those ppl that hold on to buy grocery for one day in the past(which is Monday ) now had to either hold on for another few days or just bring their recycle beg and shop :) this does force the use of recycle beg as many ppl does have it but seldom use it due to it is bulky to carry n to some lady it might look ugly when they carry it empty :)
To me I think it is a right and good move for the govt and even best if everyone in Penang can give their full respond. Or maybe just introduce paperbeg a 100% recycleable material and it does the job of carrying beg. Since many ppl dun bring their recycle big plastic beg so maybe a paperbeg will help.
I think Penang can be a much better place and of course the sea will hv less plastic begs and it will be cleaner. And with cleaner sea, comes with cleaner seafood!!!

Project365 day 6 Teluk Kumbar seafood (hao you seafood )

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