Aug 1, 2010

Growing Up fast

* this is an old post*

After a hetic week where mummy was away for a full week.... Clement and I had a really challenging time together... clement was missing mummy a whole good time while i'm trying to distract him from the missing mummy thought ....

Clement was a bit sad and everytime he cried, he would start with maaa..maaa.... and I got to be there to comfort him (a subtitue) he knows mummy not around and everytime when asked.. where is mummy.. he would point to mummy's picture and start to look around the room...another thing is that mummy is his main source of food (back then) and for the entire 5 days he was on the backup supply.

To make things worst.... he was on fever for the first 4 days when mummy not around. I am on a packed schedule and cant really attend to him... finally I took a half day off on Tuesday to bring him to visit dr. Thanks to all the supportive US colleague and also Penang colleague that able to handle during that time... (I'm suppose to be the main person in the meeting )

So after that, I also fall sick and MC for 2 days... which is good that I can have full days with Clement and take care of him on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday... Clement's fever subside..and got red dots (patches) on his body... dr said it was Roseala.... and not denggi....
Thank God.

My son is growing up fast... below are some of his interesting crawling session :) due to worldcup fever... he is crawling around chasing the ball and throwing it :)

ps: thanks to the 80-200mm lens! :)

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