Dec 3, 2010


Ah... Time files... December is here and it had always a special month to me.

I always love December, maybe due to holidays as well as it's year end.. Alot of events going on and alot of special movie ( in old days tv2 used to replay alot of movies continuous)

Beside those I guess it's the weather... December usually wet n breezy.. Morning sun not too strong with dew that freshen up a person... The cool breeze feel like this is where life got to be at.. Enjoying every moment... Seeing children running around in the neighborhood due school holiday... And it's another "music" where the kids laughter symphony in the background..
Brid chipping away and swallow flying pass the balcony.

I just love the peace at that moment seeing my child growing up day after day...

It's already December and another few days it's going to step into 2011... A new year in waiting.. A new page of the story waiting to be review...what had 2011 install for us? Will it be as exciting as 2010? Or will 2011 bring in a breakthrough and surpass the growth of 2010... Or will 2011 be a fruitful year with less of the natural disaster and more of world loving ppl?

Let's just pray that it will be a better year ahead with most of the positive news going to reveal
:) just too bad Malaysia don't snow... I miss white Christmas

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