Mar 20, 2011

Progress as a father

Ah... It had been a great journey of 16months :) it was really fun and sometime suffering Hahah :) I guess I just need to have enough mental and physical strength to overcome all the curve ball that life throw at me :)

Btw I'm not old! Although I look like one and my body might behave like one... I guess I should restart my body building to make sure I'm prepare for upcoming more challenge that his young boy going to required from me.... I need to catch up :)
He had been running hopping skipping and crawling... Did I mention climbing?... He done those and more is coming!

Again work and ministry had been packed as well as family time. I do hope I have some time for my own hobby as well :)

Oh yeah... Clement had a pet.... Which I guess he got it from me too.... ;) he like the pet and get excited playing with it too! I will introduce his pet once I got more of the photos :)

Here u go this young boy getting ready for swimming. He is a good swimmer too :) after so long didn't brought him to swim and once he is in the water he can kick and it lead to the direction he wanted. Not bad right?

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Me! said...

awwwww.....he is so so cute!!! a future swimmer.