Jan 22, 2009

Chinese New Year!!!

Ok ok... Chinese New Year coming....
this will be our 2nd time giving Ang Pow... or i should said...the first time... :) last round manage to "escape" was enjoying our honeymoon right after our wedding :) and the CNY falls on the day I was in Sipadan! :) hahaha
This year... got to give Ang Pow... kind of broke now :( but it is once in a year thingy.... aiya... with the global economy slow down.. people will understand the smaller ang pow :)

For those are in oversea...for any reasons ( work...study...vacation) don't worry..I know how it feel like celebrating CNY alone...there where your family are thousands of miles away... I been through it... and don't worry... I call home or gather together your friends and have a pot luck :) it will be fun :)

For those in Malaysia... and driving back to their hometown...safe journey.. do follow the speed limit and remember to fasten your seatbelt. :) remember safety first :)

Do spend time catch up with your friends.. as well as relative that you had lost contact. Life is much more when you start to get connect with people around you that mean alot to you.

As for myself... it will be another great year ahead :)
Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone :)

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