Feb 1, 2009

Pangkor Laut Resort....(Day1)

Wow... I'm here finally :)
after a 4hours and 40mins of driving from Malacca to Lumut.. with Toll road until Sg Buloh exit.. then the rest of the way was on local road... i was surprise... local roads was not really that bad... very straight and wide..imagine...2 lane each side with an middle empty lane for crossover :) so.... no doubt... i did >120 :) hope the authority will not use this as legal documents to charge me of speeding :) (of course my beloved wife was asleep :)) All these due to i got to catch the 2pm boat depart from the Lumut Jetty to the Resort.... and i made it :)

First impresion... wow... the island was amazing.... service not bad... (so far)the people had been very helpful :)
let see how was the dinner :) which i had arrange :)

Oh ya.... forgot tomorrow will be our 1st Anniversary :) and i had a special surprise for my beloved wife.... pray that everything will go on well :)

Ok.. got to go for my dinner :) will update u all with further detail....

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meigirl said...

thanks for the sweet surprise :) ahha.... memorable one :)