Mar 19, 2009

Digital Media Day 10...

Did you know that in this new era... digital media are so advance that in ever 6 months there are new things happening?

Imagine this... in 1982 the first SMS were sent...and it took a huge leap of mankind to get the first SMS to be sent out... but now in ever sec, there are billions of SMSbeing sent across the globe!

Imagine this... the digital age are so advance that the information a 5 yrs engineering student that he studied in the first year by third year it had been outdated...

Imagine this.. cellphone are so advance that 4 out of 10 cellphone user can surf the net... and the number are growing.

Imagine this... more and more student or age below 12 are having a cellphone!

And the way of doing business now compared to 10 years ago are totally different... and while i'm typing this... there are more than 600k ppl download mp3 illeagally around the globe :)


9 days till Earth Hour! :)

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