Mar 18, 2009

I AM....Day 9...

End of Feb i went to a charge up conference and there Pastor Victor did give a very interesting sermon...
I like his way of putting things into our daily life and relate it with God....
In the book of Exodus, God did said "I am who I am.."
which it is true.. as God is everything... :)
God is like NTV7 which He makes you feel good.
God is like Dynamo, get your stains remove
God is like Astro, you can tune in to His channel anytime
God is like VO5 hair spray, He hold you through all kind of weather
God is like Panadol, He relief your pain
God is like CK perfume, He is your new fragance for the people
God is like Nokia, human technology that connect people
God is like Citibank, He never sleep 24/7
God is like AAM, He is your #1 friend on the road
God is like Guardian pharmacy, He is the one you can trust
God is like Dunhill, He give you Gaya, Mutu and Keunggulan
God is like Bosch Machine, He is power in your hand
God is like Slumberland, He give you better and healtier sleep
God is like TM Net, He want to click with you
God is like Casio watch, with Him on you, you are shock resist
God is like Gaint Super Market, Big varity, great value
Gos is like F1, on his track you are #1
God is like American Express, don't leave home without Him...

Interesting right?

10 more days till the Earth Hour

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