Mar 23, 2009

Parking !!!Day 13....

Last sunday I went to Gurney Drive... wow... it had been sometime since I last visited Gurney Drive...
Alot of changes in Gurney, their new wing had started the operation.. and I counted, should hv 75% occupancy! Not bad during this economy downturn.... speaking of economy downturn... seem like alot of ppl are carrying big and small bags... and seem like it is not that impact to the people....or maybe they don't feel it yet?...
anyway the one thing that I dislike of the shopping in Penang.. was ...the parking... I'm not sure about you.. seem like whenever I got to the mall... Queensbay mall or Gurney Plaza, there are these stupid people that don't care much about how others car where parking. They just park at those NO PARKING spots... or I should said, they park at those places where there are no parking lots drawn.
I believe they want convenient than following rules.... I even heard a person said this to me before... "I won't park and walk to the location I want to go, I would just park in front of the shop there even it is a no parking spot" to me...I think that is stupid... as he is willing to pay few hundred to go to gym... but walking a few steps he would not... isn't that a waste of $$$$?

So listen up folks...Be civilized, walk a bit, be considerate. Don't just because you have a expensive car and you need to park there illegally. If you don't, you might end up having a few scratches on you lovely car... and maybe some dents on it as well.

Be a good citizen :)

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5 more days till Earth Hour!!

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