Apr 16, 2009

Are we too Complacent?

I wanted to ask this for a very long time :) but keep forgeting...
Today since I go through some of my photos.. I found this photos...
It really let me to stop everything I was doing and start thinking..

Disclaimer: The below is not Judging anyone nor pointing finger... but just a ponder of thought.

First ask yourself the below
you willing to wake up early to get to church?
you willing to spend more time to read bible?
you willing to go extra miles for people you don't know?
you willing to ....
you willing to ....

hmm... the wake up early part is what i want to talk about... when the church start at 10.30am some consider it early.. especially during Sunday, so, some people might come on Saturday night service so Sunday they don't need to wake up that early. :) of course maybe our society have alot of churches around so it is not that packed. But places that there are very few churches, they have different service session. it ranges from early morning till evening..

So are we really too complacent?
The church in Shaghai start from 6am !! and Some churches in Indonesia start at 7am! so 10.30am is normal... do come early to meet with God :) I wonder, if God put down this law: If you come early to meet with me, I will bless you, for sure everyone will come early :)

Check out the below picture!

If you did see it, the Children session start at 4.30AM!!! I hope it is a typing/ printing error! but it was left on the gate of this Cathedral! and i gues it is really 4.30am! (actually, the chinese version said 4.30pm ;) )

So people..... any comment? Just try waking up at 6am and not asking you to go to church but just waking up :)


.... said...

I don't think waking up early is a problem. For myself personally is a habit. Work or no work, weekday,weekend. I'm usually awake at 6.30am. As for waking up early for church service that depend on what country & churches.

I have woke up at 4am in the morning to attend a mass at 5.30am in Beijing. Strange usually RC churches have early masses.. Just like the pict. u post that an RC church. There called it sunrise masses.

I guess from next week onward I have the choice to attend a service at 8am or 11am on a Sunday morning. That's the time for services for churches in K.L.
Personally I have no preference, seeking & worshiping is from the heart....8)


Adventurer said...

cool :) yeah.. it is really amaze that the hunger for God are so strong that they do wake up early for the mass :) i believe that if PCC got 10k ppl.. they will have multiple service on sunday