May 4, 2009

The result....

Ok.. it had been a while :) agian.. so and finally i had been reading a few books that quite interesting....
I will write some of my key learning from those book :)

basically life had been average what can i say more :)
Oh yeah... i still got my job ... the division still there but seem like the mode of operating is different. The boss seem to always said that he was so good and he did all the work... erm.... yeah being confident is one thing.. but being boasting is another thing that will actually give a side effect towards the ppl that work with him....

anyway.. here i am... continue with my job.. reporting to a new manager...but seem ok... at least got more things to do.. :)

will post more about worklife in my Chewys Adventure website.

This site will blog more about parenthood related events/news/research as well as my experience :)

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