Apr 7, 2009

Agape Home Rice Day 23

Ok... it is a bit late but i still need to infom.. hahaha
Saturday cooking was a big blow out :)
I had my record time of 6.30pm sold out.. but this Agape Home rice seem to sold out at 6.10pm... which 20 mins ahead of the time. :)
Even we had cook 12kg of rice (normally we cook only 10kg of rice)
Overall I got good comments from the "customer"
We sell RM3 per set.. of course with the cabbage and carrot together.

Here is how you can do it as well:
1) chicken meat (drumstick/wings/tight or breastmeat)
2) long beans
3) Galic
4) mushrooms
5) dried shrimps
6) Salted fish / chinese sausage (optional)
7) Rice (of course)
8) Dark sauce
9) Soy sauce
10)Oyster sauce
12)oil :)

First, deep fry the galic and add ur sliced mushroom into the wok stir fry it for 30 sec...then add in the chicken. Add in all ur sauce :) dark sauce...soy sauce...oyster sauce...and a little bit of chicken... let it cook for 2 mins... the end result should have alot of sauce :) remember to taste it first... it should hv a very strong taste do not dilute it.

Put it in a container and set it aside...

Second, same..deep fry galic and add in the dried shrimps... stir fry it for 30 sec... then add in the long beans...add some soy sauce... let it cook for 1 mins ....

Put it in a container and set it aside...

Thrid, prepare the rice, and once you finish cleaning it, heat up your wok, add some oil and galic..deep fry your galic for 15 sec, then add the rice into the wok and stir fry the rice, mix all the rice with the galic... then add in the chicken that you had prepare, pour it in to the wok also :) mix it until u got all your rice even color :)
Then Add in the long beans into the wok... and mix it :P

Off the fire and your rice are ready to go into the Rice Pot :)

Here is the ticky part :) too much water will cause your rice to be sticky... too little water will cause your rice to be under cook...

So.... that is base on your own judgement... try and error will help in this case :) be prepare to be white mice:)

For those who want to add salted fish and the chinese sausage, so add them in before you add water :) make sure they are inside the rice as well :)

After you add the water, do add some dark sauce and soy sauce (if the color of the water are too diluted.

Then go for it.. cook the rice :) once it pop up ready :) your meals are ready :)


Julia said...

why got no photo one. very hard to visualize la

Adventurer said...

ooopps sorry that time too busy cooking did not take any photo....
but if you want i can do it again :) very easy to do...