Apr 2, 2009

My cooking Experice Day 17th..18th..19th...20th...21th...22th...

Ah... sorry.. almost 1 week i did not update here...
my appology.... had been busy with work as well as house...
this Sat (4th Apr) I will be cooking again the the PCC kitchen... all are welcome to try out my cooking... although this is not my first time... i remember I started this minsitry in 2007... and thank God it had grown..and God able to multiply...from last time i used to cook every 3 weeks... now seem like I only cook for every 3 months... hahahah I hope that my cooking skills still OK :P and of course the knife cutting skill :)

This saturday the menu will be Mixed Rice the Agape Home style... :)
I will upload the pictures once the food are ready :)

Oh ya... before i forget.... my vision for the Kitchen Ministry are towards those Youth and will give them guidance as well as the right ways.
and will start with 1 which i going to meet this coming saturday :) let see how it turn out and how it goes.. :)

Do come and enjoy the food. Of course you need to pay :)
Dinner serve at 5-7pm... (remember to come early..as normally my food sold out by 6.30pm)


Earth Hour went out well.. even the church did switch off the lights on the staircase as well as the spot lights outside.
God did said let there be light, but God also provide us this Earth that we, as His stewards should help to protect it for the generation to come.

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