May 25, 2009

The Celebration

I wanted to post this when we get to know that our baby is coming :)

Anyway .. here is the story...
After we know that Chiang Mei is pregnant, we decided to go for a celebration :) And out of all the place we choose Hotel Equatorial's The View restaurant.

The restaurant was great and the ambient was excellent.
We arrived there around 7pm and we were like their first customer there! To me it seem like I had booked the entire place for this celebration...(cool la.. make me looks good infront of Chiang Mei :) )

As for the view... it was excellent for you can see the golf course...and at night was THE VIEW! really cool! too bad my handphone camera are not able to capture the night view...what a waste :( maybe I should invest in a DSLR that able to do that job :)

Here is the view of the golf course...

The food... wow.. good... it is a worth paying for... food quality great! I love their selection :)

The service... the waiter actually very friendly... one of them actually know that Chiang Mei is preganant and actually shared his experience with us. And also he recommend what food we should be eating :)

Later on.. around 8.30pm...more and more people had came for their dinenr... so the place get more "life" it in than just both of us :) at least we get less attention from their waiters :)

Oh did I mention? They have a grand piano there as well.. and live music played throughout the night :)

hmm.. it was a wonderful dinner we had :) I would recommend others to go there as well... quite worth for what you had to pay :)

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