Jun 2, 2009

It is already June

Ah it is June....and already half of the year had past.... so for those who had made their new year resolution... had you manage to accomplish half of them? If no, better catch up! :)

And for me... seem like I have a pile of analog tapes that I need to clear.. and I believe the video in the tapes were very precious :) like some people's wedding...someone's honeymoon and also Fon Ho's Isreal trip :P some overdue for soooooooooo long.... deepest appologise... this long weekend going to clear off... and provide you all a nice DVD... (i cross my finger and pray hard i can complete them...)

As for resolution... seem I didn't set any... but just wanted to live a healthy life :)
Work wise... it is consider 2nd half of the financial year.. and alot to catch on the orders :)

So how about you? Share your resolution here....leave a comment of course :)

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