Jun 4, 2009

Daorae Penang Experience

hahha.. on one of the weekday lunchtime, went out with my colleague for Korean food... Check out the new restaurant in town...
Doarae Korean BBQ Restaurant

5 of use dine there and the damage is RM170++

The enviroment = Good
The Service = Good, they actually serve you
The food = Good

Lets go into the pictures..

They have their personalized utensil!

Their suction seem to be working fine.. but you can't get 100% of the smell off your dress :)

These are our side dish :) and u can refill if you really like them alot :)

Our first dish.. BBQ beef... looks nice and it taste really nice :)

But it was burn and the chef actually scolded the waiter and changed a new beef for us!!! what a waste! it is just one side slightly burned! but again.. the chef actually told us that burned meat not good for health... so he took away the beef.

Our Pork... (it is a non-halal place!)

We also ordered some other non-BBQ dishes... nice!

Overall it is a good experience :)


Rose-of-the-Northern-Charm said...

how much it came up to? reasonable standard price for korean food?

진혜인 said...

brother, how come u snap the pic till so nice one???