Jun 22, 2009

Our Excitement

Since my wife had post alot on it I would not do it again :)
but if you would like to follow us on the event here are the links..

How we start planning :)
Life is a miracle (part 1)

Then our first visit to the O&G... it was a wonderful experience... but something happen...read it through here...

At week 7- week 9 here is what we saw :)

average we visited the Dr every 1 months... and our next visit was during week 12++ check it out here... :)

So...... next want to take a guess if the baby is a Boy or a Girl?
If you have interesting name for the baby.. please do let me know :) hahahah
I'm looking forward to play with the baby... :) got so many things I want to teach and so many events to do with the baby.... :)

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