Jul 30, 2009

Online Photo Printing...

Ever thought of where to print your chunk of digital photos?
My parents used to say that a picture is not a picture untill you had printed them out... they are in the hand of people.. can hold and can feel it... digital are not "photo" yet :)

I had found out a website that provide a very convenient way to perform the digital printing.. with very reasonable price... and of course come with very simple steps!

check out this EOE!
NOW they have promotion for 4R photos they charge for RM0.30!!!

OK here are some steps to go with it...
Step 1) Register yourself at http://www.eoe.com.my/

Step 2) create an album and add the photos into the album..
Step 3) Addin the files by brousing it one by one or u can have the easy download which some of the photo editing included.
Step 4) Walla...u got ur album ready and time to put comment onto each of the photos...

Step 5) you can then share it with your friends...by entering their email address...

Your friend will receive an notification email like this :)

Simple right?? Wait till you see how simple to print your photos

After you had put in the photos into the album.. u can actually select them for print!
Just click on the "printer" icon in your album.. and then the entire album will appear infront of you... select the size that you want to print to like below...

Then....click PURCHASE at the bottom of the list.... and you will see the total you had "purchased" like this...

Click "Add to Cart" to continue.... with that you can put in the payment type.. u can either use Maybank2u or you can bank in the amount to their account... and an comfirmation will appear like below :)Of course.... it will also send an email confirmation to your registered email account to make sure you did the purchase :)

wait for like 7 days... you will get your PHOTOS deliver at your door steps :)
BELIEVE it... it is just that SIMPLE :)

For those blogger out there... spread the news.. get some free print :)


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