Jul 23, 2009

Child Development

Knowing the infant’s growth and development stage by stage are important for parents… especially it is a good guideline for the parents to chart the child development J of course it is not 100% must follow but it is as a guideline… Every child perform differently so do not be worried if your child are not within the development it is just a guideline J

The First Month....

Lift Head- Allow the baby to lie on his stomach to play so that he will have to lift his head to see. - Hold the baby upright against your shoulderStrengthen and coordinate the baby's neck musclesNA
Focus EyesPlace Colorful objects 1 to 3 feet (0.3m -1m) away from the babyStrengthen eye muscles- Colorful Mobiles... - Black n white objects - A small mirror for the baby to see himself ... - medium-sized colorful toys at eye level
Suck- Routine nursing or bottle-feeding -Use of pacifier between feeding -The baby may suck on his hands or fingers Develop lip, tongue, and cheek muscles for eating and speaking-Orthodontically correct pacifier -Good quality nipples on bottles

To Be Continue....

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