Jul 12, 2009

Our Long Vacation...

Over the last few days both CM and I flew down south to Singapore! and we actually really enjoyed our stay at my sister place. We really enjoy their hospitality and also the fun of being a boy parent :)

Will post up some of the event we did there later... but before that... we had a really nice chili crab and ALOT of crab! :)

here i will let you all view some of the nice dish we had there :)
a salted egg crab.... chili crab.. and a vegi..

ah.. also not forgetting sister's home cook crab :)

hmm... thinking of the crab... I kind of miss it now!! :)

Check out CM eating the nice chili crab... :) ;p


Me! said...

hey bro, pregnant woman should stay away from crab la coz of high level of mercury in it. Try to stay away from shell type of seafood, advice by the obs here.

JACT said...

That dress looks very familiar....
ya... CM should not eat that much shell fish... :)