Sep 28, 2009

A Cup cake from Aust....

Ever hear of cup cakes? One of my friend from Aust got this wonder cupcakes got this cool figures.. they hv many cute figure from all the cartoons characters :) cool right? It is Sugar Rattle. Check out Sugar Rattle's Journey and enjoy.

Oh did I mention to you all that they customize it as well? They are in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. They provide fresh bake cupcakes with sugar craft. hmmm with his recent 30th b'day he got some cupcakes on Soccer balls... Liverpool Jersey cupcakes... and also Gerrard!
Check it out at this website for more info !
you won't regret visiting there! :) So look for Sugarrattle or Sugar Rattle or even Sugar-Rattle :) You won't miss it! :)
So nice and I also want :) but wait... I got too many things on my Want list! :) hahahahahah
You know these are good for baby shower gift.. or maybe just to customize a special cakes for your friends .. :) and it won't be too much for them as each of them can just have 1 cup cakes and thats it :) easy right?

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My Space said...

the cupcakes are so cute!