Oct 12, 2009

Counting Down

looking at the dates.. it is another few more weeks till the official change of status... :) alot of people continue to ask if I am excited or am I ready...

I wonder how to answer them....Excited?.. yeah i am excited... every other day I woke up is another day closer to become a daddy... well ya i'm excited.. :)
so am I ready?..well... no matter I am or I am not, he is coming out :) so... for sure I must be ready :)

hahahah for everything that I do.. it is part of life...part of the growing up process that ones that get to experience and get it through...
the fun part... u get to experience it first hand :)

To top up the experience... u get to learn how the heavenly Father react when we as His children do :)

so all in all... it is for the good over everything.
Life is never an accident... we are here for a purpose...had you found your purpose?


Ecky said...

my advise (from my experience),
1) sleep as much as you can before due date
2) sleep whenever the baby sleeps
3) learn how to have very short but quality sleep
4) wrap your baby during his bedtime / naptime and you will all have a better sleep (http://www.abc.net.au/parenting/parenting_in_pictures/wrapping_newborn.htm)
5) From day one, sleep the baby in his cot. Do not bed share with baby
6) Try to put baby to sleep without carrying him, otherwise they get used to it and can't sleep without it. Just a pat on their chest is sufficient to comfort them
7) Leave a dummy next to the cot or next to your bed. you can use it if baby cries at night
8) If baby awakes and cry at night, try not to night feed him unless you run out of options
9) Playing Ocean wave sound is a good method of putting baby to sleep (http://soundsleepstudio.com/sound-sleep-ocean-waves.html)
10) Thank God for giving you such a wonderful gift, it will be the best experience you ever have


Adventurer said...

hey man! Thanks for the great advise :) hahaha i saw your daughter.. she is cute :) hahah