Sep 11, 2009

New 365days ahead

yeap... today is the new 365days for me :) I wonder what had been prepared for me....
looking back for the past 30 yrs... wow... it seem yesterday that I was still primary school... highschool... college... and Uni... all seem so fast yet it was a great 30 yrs ago.

some of my friends said it is a quater of my life had being used... some said 1/3 of my age... for some half of it.. or like Yeoh Theng Hooi said, half leg in the coffin :)

As for me... no matter what others said, as long as live the life to the fullest and never regret each and every day that had past... make it count. As life never come back and as every second that tics, it had been used.. no matter how you use it, it still just pass by without you even grabbing it.

So look around, decide which that second you want to spend the most with. And go with it. yesterday cannot be change and tomorrow is another day, focus on now. Our life is ever changing... what is constant is God. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He will always be there. His promise are always same to you(me).

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