Sep 6, 2009

Some Baby Checklist....

I got this list from Jusco Penang... it was at the baby section.. inside there are a whole checklist that recommend for new parents :)

Here let me try to put it up and share with you all...

Note: This list was intentionally brief and simple for purpose of general information only. Hence the material are provided on an "as is" basis and without waranties of any kind either expressed or implied to the fullest extent permissible by law.

My Note: Just use it as a reference, it also depend on your personal preference and need :)

Ok.. here you go the list...

Baby's Feeding Needs:

1. Feedings Bottle (4oz - 2pcs)

for milk, water and juices

2. Feedings Bottle (8oz - 2pcs)

for full feeds of milk

3. Teats (small size -2pcs)

4. Milk Powder Container (1pc)

5. Bottle Warmer (1pc)

6. Feeding Bottle rack

7. Pacifier with Clips (1pc)

8. Bib (2pcs)

9. Sterilizing Container / Sterilizer

10.Sterilizing Tablet / Liquid Cleanser (1box / 1bottle)

11.Sterilizing Tong

12.Feeding Set (fork / spoon/ bowl/ plate / cup -1set) Optional

Baby's Nappies Needs

1. Napkin (3 packets)

2. Newborn Disposable Diapers (1 packet)

3. Nappy Liners (1box)

4. Tie / Diaper Pants (3pcs)

5. Napkin Cleanser (powder / liquid)

6. Nappy Pins / Satety Pins (1 packet)

7. Nappy Rash Cream (1 tube)

8. Anti-Bacteria Detergents (1 bottle)

Baby's Bath & Toiletries

1. Baby Bath (1bottle / 1pc)

2. Baby Shampoo (1 bottle)

3. Baby Lotion (1 bottle)

4. Baby Oil (1 bottle)

5. Baby Powder (1bottle)

6. Powder Container and Powder Puff (1unit)

7. Baby Towel (5pcs)

8. Plastic Bath Tub (1pc)

9. Plastic Bath Mat (1pc)

Baby's Bedding Needs

1. Baby Pillow and Bolster (1pillow & 2 bolster)

2. Pillow and Bolster case

3. Blanket (2pcs)

4.Matteress (1pc)

5. Blanket with Hood (1pc)

6. Baby Cot (1 unit)

a) Matteress (1pc)

b) Matteress Cover / Cot sheet (2pcs)

c) Bumper pad (1set)

d) Mosquito Net & Stand (1set)

e) Comforter (1pc)

7. Spring Cot (1pc)

a) Sarung Net

b) Mosquito Net

8. Bouncinette & Mosquito Net (1 unit)

9. Rubber Cot sheet (1pc)

Baby's Healthcare Needs

1. Baby wipes (1bottle)

2. Cotton Wool / Cotton Balls (1 packet)

3. Cotton Buds (3 packets)

4. Facial Cotton Pad (1 packet)

5. Face towel (2pcs)

6. Handkerchief (6pcs)

7. Nail Clipper / Baby Safety Scissor (1pc)

8. Thermometer (1pc)

9. Nasal Aspirator (1pc)

10. Grooming Set (toothbrush, comb, haih brush -1set)

11. Bottle and Teat Brush (1pc)

Baby's Wardrobe and Accessories

1. Newborn Long Sleeve Top (3pcs)

2. Newborn short sleeve top (3pcs)

3. Newborn Long Pants (3pcs)

4. Newborn Legging Pants (3pcs)

5. Rompers / Body suits (3pcs)

6. Cardigan (2pcs)

7. Binder-string / Velcro Type (3pcs)

8. Mitten and Botties (3sets)

9. Bonnets (2pcs)

10.Baby Botties Shoes (2paris)

Baby's Travelling Needs

1. Carrier / Carry Basket (1unit)

2. Stroller/ Buggy / Jogger (1unit)

3. Baby Carseat / Booster Seats (1unit)

4. Mother's / Nursery Bag (1unit)

Baby's Safety Needs

1. Baby Outlets plugs / Sockets Plug Cover

2. Multi Purpose Latches / Multi Purpose Locks

3. Corner Guards / Cushion

4. Drawer / Cupboard Locks

Nursing Accessories

1. Breast Pump ( manual / battery operated - 1unit)

2. Breast Pad (2boxes)

3. Breast Shields (1pair)

4. Maternity Pads (2packets)

5. Stretch Mark Cream / Lotion / Essence (1tube)

6. Maternity Toothpaste (1box)

>suppose to have a scan version of the list but too bad can't upload in here... might be some technical difficulty <


AnGeLiNe said...

Wah such a long list :) Just a note, if possible don't use powder for baby. The small particles of dust can go into baby's nose. If baby breathes in the particles, can cause nose and chest problems.

Adventurer said...

yeap agree... hahahah it is not my checklist :) hahahah i got this list from Jusco hahaha when i go through the list i was shocked also... SOOOO LONG!... hahaha

thanks for the tips! :)

Me! said...

This is how they earn money by giving us whole long list of items to buy but most of the items are useless. hehehe
If CM plans to breastfeed, don't even need sterilizier tools. You just need to wash the bottles and teats with warm soupy water.Breastmilk itself has the self "sterilizier" in it, this was told by the child health nurse to us..hahaha.
No baby Johnson for bath please! It drys up Esrene's skin even the 2nd day of using! Scary! Can use pillow and bolster meh? Here not allow coz will cause SIDs.Bb sleeps without them.In fact they don't need one. Bumper pad also not allow here coz of SIDs.