Dec 16, 2009


This is fun! I'm able to blog on the go with this application that I had just installed on my phone.

So Clement reaches 1 month old and we r glad that throughout this one month nothing major happen to him. Both d mummy n daddy are able to hv most of the rest and bb Clement r on full breastmilk. Thank God that mummy able to produce ALOT of milk ( like a milk production factory :) ) and the best thing that God created women was they r able to respond to the bb cry! Once bb cry the milk start to flow! So bb Clement up to date without fail always got to hv full stomach and of course with alot of love from d family as well. All the grandparents, aunties, uncles as well as friends. We thank them for their wonderful gifts, angpows, well wishes, their guidance as well as supports! Thank you!

Well as most of the babies does during their full moon, their hair being shaved. Bb clement also got his, but not on d exact day but few days after :) I think he must be glad that he lost his bb hair n now with new grown hair. He looks adorable and funny in some sense ;) now he can use his nice hat/cap, previously it was too hot for him.

So here is a pic of baby clement sleeping with his hat on to protect his head from loosing body heat.

He grow up alot, in weight as well as length.
He loves to get new info
He loves to see new places
He loves to be in d car as well
He loves to play with his baby gym monkey
He loves to play with peacock
He loves waves sound and raining sound
He loves to tab u when u r sleeping n he is awake
He loves to make faces when he is going to poo
He got thousands of reactions here r some of them.....

I just thank God for all the joy as well as wonderful moments that had been blessed upon me. Of course I thank God for d strength that He has given me to go through this.

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