Dec 22, 2009

Experience at Hope Children

I just don't really understand... Maybe it is me not yet feel it or maybe it is suppose to be like that. There is this couple with 2 young boys. Maybe 1 abt 6 yrs old another younger brother abt 4 both were there playing on the toys that provided by the hospital. They were having alot of fun, given no other children were around the aggressiveness was ok. Later when there r new patient came to d clinic the 2 young boys still at their peak running here n there in the trolley and hitting the furniture.
Now I was there wondering is it me, or something is not right as the father was standing there doing nothing at all. Not even asking his sons to slow down or behave n becareful. A few time I saw d kids nearly bang on d girl that was sitting on d chair at the other end of the room. For me I just want my son to behave. He can roam freely but of course need some self control.
Next was medication time. The kids suppose to take their medicine, the elder one suppose to take 3 kind of medicine and he was like running around. His mom was asking help from the dad but unfortunately it seem like the dad hv no power at all. So first drop, the elder brother was walking away even his dad ask him to stop and go to drink his son give him tat look and dun really give a shit to him. Then d mom got to use the nurse or kakak to threaten for him to drink it. Wow mother n father dun even hv the power to control the kids. What is this world.
The last one was the best, mummy ask d father to bring the elder son over to take his last medicine, his respond was I don't want. Then the dad got to play hide n seek all over d clinic. And the dad was like come here Bryan come.... And Bryan was happily play with his daddy!!! The daddy did nothing but go round circle with him. In the end, the dr came out and said: Bryan if u don't want to drink, I'll give u injection. Bryan was so scared of that and scream NO!!! And crying while walk over to his mother n take the medicine. So interesting isn't it?
I still think parent should hold responsibility for what had happen. Don't u thik so?


Jason said...

no one want to be the bad guy case.

Being hard on the kid will also ending up having the kid not liking their dad. That rejection is also painful.

Adventurer said...

hahah yeah I understand.. :) just that the boys r really out of control.... hahahah