Jan 13, 2010

Disapointed customers

Today 13/01/2010 got this wonderful promotion from Kenny Roger. If you wear RED and u purchase their quater chicken set got free quatrer chicken set as well sort of like buy one free one I think I got the promo right :)
So as alot of Penangites our friend or I should say ALOT OF my Friends did wear red today or to work too :) some called to d restaurant to check on the status and by the time 11.30am ppl start pilling up at most of the KR outlet :) for Penang I believe airport, queensbay and bj today must be alot of red t-shirt ppl.

To join in the fun with my friend I join those who wear red (since there gonna be free 1 set anyway) so when we arrived at queensbay, the restaurant were packed with ppl and the queue was sooooooooooooooooooooo long. By looking at that u know u not going to get ur lunch any time soon. :)
I would say this is a perfect marketing ads and also it work! Free advertise and it does boost the economy. It not just served one restaurant but it help the entire mall restaurant. Those ppl that arrive early and still can't get in will just eat at other restaurant such as McD, Sakae Sushi, Nandos, Taiwan Bulls, Oldtown, even Jusco foodcourt. U see alot of RED ppl in queensbay and they r suppose to eat at Kenny Roger :) but they r at others restaurant!! Oh yeah there r some shy ppl wear a jacket to cover the red too :)

Here was one disapointed customer who can't enjoy d promotion :)
Project365 Day13

We r the ppl that ended up eating at Taiwan bulls :)

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~JOni~ said...

I went to Qbay as well to go for this promotion but end up eating at Japin. Haha!!