Jan 11, 2010

system down...

I had a bad fever over the weekend as the result no updates as well as no photo updates only pic I had in my mind was water and sleep. My temperature went up to 38.7 C and I had to choice but to take panadol to ease it off. By morning it came back. So I decided to visit the dr on Sunday afternoon but during that period, the temperature went down and dr said I'm ok. So he just gave me panadol too and ask me to take it every 6 hrs n rest.
So back home I'm now but I think my bottom start reacting. Fever on and off bottom tap seem to open. I got to run to toilet for almost ever 30mins. So is this detox? Hahha if it is good I can even go below 70 kg!! Yay bad part was my bottom will suffer hahahahha so hope and pray hard that they will recover.

Stay tune for more once I'm recovered.

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JACT said...

praying for u mate. :)