Jan 18, 2010

Experience on immunisation

Had been delay in posting the project365 as well as updating my blog. It was a busy and hetic as well as challenging weekend we had. On Jan 14 Clement had his first immunization jab since he was born. I believe that time he was not sure what was pain and maybe the birth canal was more stressful than the tiny ant bite pain. He got his vitamin K1 jab when he was born and later follow by BCG and hepatitis B jab.
So we decided to go for the govt clinic for the following jab: hepatitis B (2), DPT, hib, OPV. And we also top up Rotavirus and Pnumococcal at Adventist hospital. So our poor boy got both his leg being jabbed :( our reasoning was if he is going to suffer just suffer once. As the result in the morning we bring Clement to the nearby govt cilinic and queue for his turn and really it was a small desa clinic but inside was packed with people! It took us more than 2 hrs to get to our turn to get the jab. To cut the story short, the nurse there was directing chiang Mei wat to do and when they heard that we are bring Clement for another location for the jab, they was worried and event repeat to us what injection we were giving Clement as well ask us to clarified with the dr if they r the same immunization. The nurse there was not aware of rotavirus as well as pneumococcal, so they even call us after 30 to check on what were the injection we r giving Clement at the private hospital. Not bad I say for them for the followup as well worry for the baby to be overdose :) thumbs up for them. :)
On the other hand Adventist was not bad too, during the first month, they did remind me with SMS on my boy immunization schedule and it continue for 2nd month. So I won't forget or miss out. At least I double check with my beloved wife as well as our drs appointment on the jab :)
Oh did I mention, he love to take nice rotavirus! I wonder how was the taste :) dr was feeding him and he was hapily smiling at the dr taking it bit by bit. It must be good taste
After the injection, bb Clement seem to hv some reaction toward the injection. He start to hv mild fever. We did give him the medication at first he take most of it at the hospital, but somehow, he seem learn a new technic of spit them out :) so the second time when we fed him with d med. He spit them all out. He also know the way to keep it at his throat and then only spit them out when u feed him with water cool right? :) as we run out of idea, last resort make him cry and he will take some of the med :) that's how he manage to drink some of d med :) the fever lasted more than 48 hrs, which quite worried us but on the 2nd day he resume his activeness of communicating with his friend and on the 3rd day he resume his appitite :) so far highest temperature we recorded was 38 degree. Was a good experience and seeing how we m the baby cope.

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Thanks for the post! Fascinating to see how it's done in other countries.