Jan 19, 2010

Immunization profile

Since my last post got some question about the Malaysia immunization profile? Maybe some do have question. But I would say we got the immunization from government clinic free of charge and it was approved by WHO on all the vaccine that we took.
I would say the country medical benefit still not bad and for extra we went to certified hospital to took the vaccine. Of course goverment vaccine may cause fever as they r not improved version that compare to private hospital which u pay a bomb and of course in return u dun really get fever.

Here is a copy of the profile in case u want to refer.

So I wonder what did other country had? Or is d detail easily avaliable or they just listen to wat their doctor said :)

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My Space said...

yes, in Singapore there is detail schedule for baby to take jabs too.

The question is: don't take jabs the same day from different doctors! Always go to the same doctor for immunization until completion. So that the doctor has full history of your child immunization program.

My Space said...

Hi, forget to tell you, I would like to give "Happy 101 Award" to you, please come and get it from my blog ^_^

Adventurer said...

i understand.. :) the Adventist Dr inform us and ask us to perform that.. so the dr are well aware of what was given to little Clement.. he also compliment Clement for being brave and like the rotavirus :)