Jan 3, 2010

First time at church

Today is the first week of the year also Clement first appearence in church :)
Let's start from the begining... Both daddy n mummy were late in the morning and because of that, we try to rush through in getting baby Clement to drink his milk, poo poo, bath and get dress up. By the time he is ready, daddy n mummy need to bath, have their breakfast and pack Clement stuff only off we go to church. By the time we reach, it was around 10.30am slightly late (30mins late) thank god for mr tim that give up his seat for us ( thank u uncle tim)

The good part was Clement sleep through the worship session and only start to wake up during his feeding time. After d service he gave his first poo in church! :) of course in his diaper :)
After church, we went for our meetup with Ida n Selwyn. This was also the first time Clement met Esrene. And of course meeting Caris and Shanna awake :) also meet alot of other Aunties and uncles such as tim n Audrey, mark n Julia, Jimmy n Michele, alex Kee, Jess, Joni, Kevin Gooi n Mei jien, Andrew Geh.
It was a fun sight at the restaurant seeing all d kids together and d adult did some catch up as some had been long missing in action such as my wife hahah anyway i'm glad we all had attended this lunch gathering as we both really enjoyed and Clement too adapt well with all the aunties and uncles.
Uncle Jimmy having his fun carrying Esrene :)

Project 356 day 3

Aren't Esrene cute?

Thanks everyone :) after a longer hour of outing Clement had a good evening and night rest :)

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JACT said...

Good to see you all in church. Clement was indeed a good boy! Good job Daddy & Mummy Chew :)