Jan 4, 2010

Follow who?

Over the weekends we learn abt who we follow in our life. Either we follow someone or we follow ourselves. What an interesting fact isn't it. For example fashion we look at which model dress up nice and we follow how they dress or any celebrity that dress up nicely we do follow their dress or their hair style or even what car or house they hv. Isn't Tat true? We follow someone becoz we think he/she can be trusted or they hv a sense of taste that we sort of think acceptable by alot of people and there r many more reason for a person to follow someone. The question is that someone that we follow is it trustworthy? Is he 100% won't go wrong? Will his action stumble you if he suddenly did something wrong? A person like Tiger woods was a big fan for alot of ppl but after his incident, do u think that he still got alot of fans that follow him like before? I'm not against his golf skill, I also wish I can play like him or swing d golf club like him but his personal life I just can't accept it.
It can also be things we want to achieve like those people, those professional photographer or billionaires like bill gates we also want to hv what they hv or do what they do. But sometimes we just want to experience it from the basic and start it all up an u learn. At least u know why u are following. If we choose to follow someone must well choose that one person that won't go wrong. So who is that one person u know that won't go wrong? Following that one person meaning u wholeheartedly follow a loyal fan of that someone, u do wat he do u follow his action u look upon him, respect him, be his disciple.
I had found mine, how abt u?

Project365 day4
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