Jan 5, 2010


As we search through our photo album we found alot of long lost memories. Some lead to happy memories some lead to sad one but often those photos take us back time and we sort of live again in that moment of time. Isn't that great what a photo can capture? moment of time and all the detail are being captured in a single picture.
For me I hv this interest in photography. I love to capture moment and bring out the best in each picture I took, be it the candid shots or the million dollar shots it is precious for every click I press. I started with flim compact camera a Olympus myu that follow throughout my primary and secondary school as I got into college, I upgrade to canon powershot A97 and as I graduated I use Panasonic Lumix FX8....and I had been wanting to get a dSLR and had been learning and also practicing with my old camera (powershot) on d manual setting as well as the other option that was avaliable. And thank God for my wife, she got me a dSLR that open up a new horizon in photography.
And with that I hope to make full use of the equipment to take beautiful pictures as well as capturing moments of life. I also would like to take yours if given opportunity of course I'm only avaliable over the weekend and at the minimum charges. Hope u will enjoy the memories that I capture for you.

Project365 Day 5 memories of the past, guess who?

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