Feb 25, 2010

Interesting experiences

Being a new father I had learn alot of new skill. I never know that I can be this far 2 yrs ago and I never know it was this rewarding to have a wonderful kid.

My baby had bring alot of joy to both my family and my wife's family. I thank God for nice journey throughout the trip from Penang and Melaka. Also thanks Ms. Chong for the wonderful besinet that accompany baby when he need to lie down straight. It really help alot on releasing the pressure of a cranky baby in the car :)

We work up early on the 3rd day of cny. Around 5.30 to start to prepare. Baby suppose to be on his usual routine poo then shower, because we want to make sure he can continue to sleep we only let him poo then we wipe him and change to a more comfy clothing. By the time we get everything ready, it's already 7.30.

After that, I made a final check on the car and ready for our long journey. We did pack almost everything for the baby. From his pillow, his fav toys(we called his friends) his diapers, his bathing soap, to his bathtub and his potty. Although just 3 nights but we think he needs all those. Thank God that my tiny city can load in all these stuff together with 3 fella( including him) clothing, a stroller, a car seat and a basinet. We were thinking when he is older we might want to bring the play pen!! That's really a challenge :)

After loading all the things into the car we start our journey. Baby n mommy was enjoying the view and the ride. Starting baby was having fun and looking at the greens along the road. Later he felt sleepy and slept on mommy's arm and mommy put him onto his car seat and there he slept for 45 mins which leads to reaching Perak area. Then he wake up and start to talk to us. Must be asking why we r still outside as normally he will be awake at some place after he slept. :) and then as he blabbing around we stop by one of the petrol station to let him had a break and he does like to observer what other ppl is doing. Then after had his meal he sleep again.
As the car moved he like it. It feel like a rocker that rock him to sleep. So all the way he enjoyed it and he does sleep when. And by the time we reach kepong, baby was well awake. He had his fun time with the great grandpa and grandma. He does laugh and smile to them also give response to their action.


More nice pic will upload soon. Will cont.

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