Feb 28, 2010

Turn turn turn

As the days pass by my bb continue to grow and learning new skills. At about 3.5months he acquired the flip skill. Now he could turn one side to his tummy and stay there for a while.

We found this out on one of the night where both of us were sleeping and then this bb was trying out his new skill. He took a flip and turn to his tummy n stay there. I believe he did want to turn back to his original position but failed. So in the end he just stay in that position and scream for help. Cute isn't it? I was so blur at that time that I didn't event try to capture by video or photos. Anyway he was having fun. When we "rescue" him, he was so excited. And start to tell us his experience by baby talking to us. Both me n my wife was so tired that we just smile n give his butt some pat and we continue to doze off. Soon enough he too felt tired after the important movement he too fell asleep.

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