Feb 10, 2010


Over the last week was busy with work as well as some personal things that need my attention. Today we did expose little baby with a new thing music. As he grows we slowly expose him to different activities. Baby had develop his visual and audio capability. Of course his motor skill are developing as well.
In the event we put him infront of a keyboard and see his reaction. At first he just stare at the keyboard after a few try showing him that this machine / instrument does make funny noise and play a simple melody to him, he got excited and star to get involve.
First he would just play with right hand... Then it follow by just left hand to play with few notes... And after that he played with both hands and this careless daddy only manage to remember to capture his last action on video. He added with cooing while he play with both hands. I wonder is that his way of singing? Anyway enjoy :)

Will upload the video once I extracted from my phone. ( here are they)

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