Feb 4, 2010

Our 2nd Anniversary

Time really flies. Already 730 days since we got married :) the memories still fresh in my mind. We had been through alot of ups and downs.
Along the 730 days we had a gift from God which was delivered to us abt 60 days ago. Life as couple had level up. I personally thank God for all the wonderful moments that we both had been through. The travels that we had. The honeymoon that we been to. Our first anniversary at a special location and also the experience of waiting for 40weeks and struggle through the standing on a full 4 hrs without rest... The anxiety that the last min to hear the first cry. All could not been done without God's hand upon us.
With little bb here in our life we r taking every single day another day of blessing. Another experience with him and a new horizon of the Father n us relationship.
Here I would like to thank people that had been encourage us, had been supporting us, had been helping us as well as people that just being there even when we r far away from the crowd. Thank you.
As of my dearest wife, thank you for the wonderful gift that u had given me in between our 730 days and also the sacrificies that you had made inorder to produce healthy supply for bb growth. And even words can't represent my gratfulness to you of taking the pain for delivering the bb :)
For our parents, thank u for being there and in our process of growing old together.

Happy 2nd anniversary :)

This year we did not go any special places as we would want to hv bb with us. We only had a simple nice dinner.


Project 365 day 35
A wonderful morning Ray... It almost look like the return of Jesus :)

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