Mar 24, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

As the days count down to Earth Hour 2010 which will be hapenning this Saturday 27th March 2010... It's time for us to reflect what we can do more for our earth.
Remember to turn OFF your lights for 1 hr starting 8.30pm. This will help to cut down our world power consumption and if we do our part to make it a stand to save energy, the world can be a better place for our next generation to live in.
Of course by turning off the lights for 1 hour cannot save the earth, but we make a stand n let our action been seen by others. The awareness are needed to people around us to make sure they know how to save energy.
So do lock ur house and off the lights, dun shut down everything as some of the power u still need to run ur security system :)

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