Mar 15, 2010

The path that had to go through

As time pass, he had grow up very fast.. Looking at his growth chart, he had been absorbing well on mummy's milk. His skill had been improving and now he turn n sleep on his own. He also eagerly want to sit up to look at the surrounding. Times that he don't get to sit up, he will turn and lift up his head to see from his own world.
He had learn that he got a loud voice that can shot to get attention but often those shout are to call daddy or mummy to play wit him. He had learn to make his need know and of course to guide u to what he want. He had bring alot of joy and happiness to the family and he smile and laugh when he is happy. He also a cheerful baby that give out his loving smile to ppl around him.
We always worry that he might suffocate himself when he turn but he prove us wrong when he turn n sleep soundly. There r more worries that we had on many things that related to him and as new parent it is normal to react that way :)
Having him really bring alot of joy to me, although the journey so far had been tiring but looking at him day by day growing up and watching him smile, laugh, play and sleep really worth all the works u had put in.

This is some of his turn n sleep pic :)

And we bought him cap...


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