Apr 5, 2010

A trip out

Over the Easter weekend, we had the chance to relax and enjoy a get away to Cameron Highlands. As the weekend ago we are suppose to join the cell group there but due to being a good helper to the family we postpone the trip.

This round since my mom never been there, we brought her along and let her enjoy the weather there. Cameron this time in the year suppose to be dry and warm, but looks like global warming and climate change had impact Cameron as well. It was COLD and wet.... According to Mr Ng, a local farmer, it is odd weather.

For the baby, it is his first time there officially :) perviously he is still in the tummy when we visited Cameron Highland during the babymoon trip:). This round he was quite excited about the place. He like the weather, the only thing that he complaint was right after his bath, he was freezing cold and he did scream to the top of his lung :D

We all visited the wonderful Boh tea plantation, seeing and smelling the tea leaf, we visited catus farm and some nice flower shop, mom did found her wonderful strawberry jam that she had since her childhood time ( so it was pure strawberry jam back then) we did tour around Brinchiang, Tanah Rata, Kea Farm area too. We also had a full organic charcoal steamboat! And the soup u will not cause u thirsty after u drank it. We tried wonderful scone and we also rush through the pasar malam due to the weather gonna start pouring.

It was a short and sweet trip. A good exploration/exposure trip for my mom as I believe next time she would go there for a longer trip and hopefully my dad will come along( it's hard to get my dad to go anywhere)

Here are some of d pic in my phone that I can upload here. Oh, we stay in d farm( technically ) :) it was a fun experience to stay there. They do provide clean bedsheet and hot water. Their rooms hv attached bathroom too. Of course with water heater. Will load more from my camera.

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