Apr 14, 2010

5th Months...

It had been a great 5 months.... we had lots of fun...
we had alot of talking
we had alot of weight lifting
we had alot of sightseeing
we had alot of swimming together
we had alot of photoshooting and you are my model
we had alot of fliping
we had alot of reading together (most of the time you were blabing while we guess you are telling the stories)
we had alot of exercise like up and stand up

We went for a long journey to Malacca for chinese new year and you did behave very well in the car.We also went for a vacation up at Cameron Highland and you enjoyed the weather there

The journey so far are fun and exciting...looking forward for more and more exciting journey with you.

1 comment:

meigirl said...

happy 5 months old. Cant help imagining how you look like next month when you start your solid :)