Jun 21, 2010

First Fathers Day

Ok... Officially I got to celebrate my first fathers day. It was not a bad experience but the years ahead are more chanllenging.

My son had been waking up at night due to teething and becoz of that I got to be up to make sure he dun be out of sight. So sleepless night officially started. I guess I will need alot of old town or nescafe to accompany me for the next few months :)

So my day was quite tired to start with. But I do get a nice gift from PCC as every year they do provide the gift during these special events. This yr I got a waist pouch... I guess alot of father r using it to carry alot of things, the best way is to provide them with a pouch and all in one carrying pouch :)

Then after the service we went to Chicago Ribs... Hmmm my first time there. The food there was good.. I would say there r room for improvement. Service slight slow but I heard it had improve. Enviroment ok :) drinks good... Price not bad :)

my son also did enjoy his meal there. He sit on their bb chair too :)

I guess this was his real first time watching tv ( world cup)

After the nice lunch, we went for a nice competition. Originally I wasn't keen in letting Clement to take part... But after alot of tough push from my beloved wife, he is in. Although he was the youngest among the rest he did well in the competition :) step by step very focus and determine. He complete the race :) it was fun for him, the most important thing was the experience not abt winning ;) he did pretty well before the crowd as cheerful as he is he just complete it :) well done!

Then come dinner. Since we all were tired and we decided to hv pack home food. Went to a "Chu char" to hv some dish and bring back to celebrate with my dad as well.

A wonderful and enjoyable fathers day. Experience = priceless.

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Michele said...

wow..Clement can sit up already..he's grown so much.