Jun 10, 2010

First pair of tooth

We had been wondering when will his first set of central incisor pop out... He had been playing with his gum alot recently as maybe due to the gum itchyness and once a while he does on strike on milk.
Also recently he will wake up in the middle of the night and give u his cutest smile that melt ur heart and give up sleeping n accompany him for a while.
So when will the sleepless night will stop? Or I should say will he will back to his normal routine that sleep through till 5 or 6 am?

So... Finally we feel or saw his tiny teeth pop out!!! The even funny thing is he uses his lower lip to play with those teeth creating a very cheeky face look! Now he can be dangerous when he bite! :)

Will see how he move on. He had his own way of handling. He knows what he want :) and always able to make his voice heard :) will continue to monitor his small teeth to grow bigger then only can hv some nice picture. Oh yeah, he dun allow ppl to touch his lips to open up his lips.

Below r some of his different look and facial expression


My Space said...

Hello, Clement 恭喜!恭喜!
To Papa: waking up in midnight will be your usual routine until Clement completing his first set of teeth. ^_^ for JE is around 18 months. So better ask Clement teeth to grow fast fast...

Adventurer said...

I guess I'll just let his teeth grow at their own pace. :) no hurry :)