Aug 31, 2010

At Malacca Zoo

It had been a while since his last visit to Malacca. The last round happen when he was 3 months old. Now he already 9months+... Nothing much change beside new mall alot of new houses and of course we saw a new solar valley there.

Since recently he got exposed with alot of animal we decided to bring him to Malacca Zoo. The entrance fee RM7 per adult. Not that expensive. The animals inside seem to be ok. I would say consider good. All the MUST have animals seem to have in there :) it's a good way as Clement have his few favorite animals :)

The zoo also have a section on zoology that quite informative for the kids or adult as well. Just that u need to take off ur shoes to enter :)

Few "constructive" points of Malacca Zoo are
1) limited or no stroller path (even some path in the zoo hv tree grown in the middle of the way) so that means if you are on wheel chair, better switch to crutches

2) alot of mosquito. Erm I hope they are not Aedes as they are black n white stripes on their legs and ALOT of them. In a way ask u to walk more than stand there look.

3) animals view glass are not well clean( the window for animal viewing most of the time were blurry)

4) the tiger are quite skinny :) maybe my expectation r a bit high on the tiger :) but they do have 5 tiger there.

But overall I would say they are not bad. I heard from the locals that it is one of the best zoo in Malaysia. Erm... hey Malaysia have a few zoo only right? :)

And it's fun and cooling in the zoo not that hot and I would say it hv the green around it. They also hv animal exhibition(show) but we didn't sit in to save some time. :)

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Michele said...

Clement has grown into a handsome boy now. Time passed by so swiftly. Can consider bringing him to Taiping Zoo next time :D