Sep 30, 2010

Burger King in Penang

It had been long wait since Burger King being introduce in Malaysia. All the while only available in southern part of Malaysia starting from Ipoh to Johor but not in Penang! Finally it's here.

As usual following the crowd, we went to try out the new opening restaurant. Given and knowing they can't cope with the crowd it is as usual long queue of waiting at the ordering counter. So you can imagine that in a fast food restaurant queuing :)

The restaurant is located in a very secluded place.. Not along a heavy traffic road or inside a mall that many had expected when they start posting for hiring restaurant managers in past few months... Maybe it's in their plan but for now( yeah now) it is kind of a place where no one knows :) but given the view as well as the first tenant of the roll of shoplots this place might turn into a happening place when pack with the rest of the F&B outlet.

The air condition in the restaurant r super cold! One might need a sweater to go with the meal. Looking around the crowd was all walks of ppl got factory worker, businessman, chef, students, sitting and waiting for the final food to be order n deliver to them ( serve by their friends). A count seem like 4 tables (groups) having their food while 8 others are still waiting.

I guess they r short of staff or there are no sign of self cleaning :) all the customer left their table just like that after their meals and next ppl had to do some self cleaning to get to sit :)

Some guest seem to know the style and clean up the place after they had their meals but some others just walk out.
Maybe there r limited chili/tomatoes sauce that trigger some customers to take before they are gone mentality ;).

Interestingly the renovation still continue but they already start their business... So on and off u will hear drilling sound from the wall and also the contractor will bring the ladder in and out while u are having your meal.
20mins past.... I'm still waiting :) ....

I guess this is what "Have It Your Way" :)

After 30 mins no sign of their signature burger... Worst, they r saying they run out of whopper ... I wonder is it bad planning or they don't expect the crowd to be that huge?

Overall I will not go there for the time being until 3 months later when they had better service and of course having a much skilled worker.
Disappointed for no Whopper :(

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Anonymous said...

Do you know at Nantucket island USA Burher King, Mc donalds.. etc are forbbiden. I was very suprised when I was there for first time.
after builders cleaning London